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Vacation Of A Lifetime

RRP $19.99

Heroines Suzanne Morse and Nancy Tremblay are about to become your alter egos. You will be brought into their lives and be part of them. So when you lie in bed reading my books you will be sailing a perilous journey on the South China Seas. When you turn a page over morning coffee or tea you will taste love in the delights of the men that they are with.

I am Brenda Sue, a murder, mystery, suspense / thriller, romantic, author with a mission to provide adventures that will leave you intrigued and keep you to expect the unexpected.

The Metamorphosis Novels present the trilogy you will not want to miss......

Web of Deceit
Beyond Murder
Vacation of a Lifetime

Brenda Sue, an imaginative, creative only child, began writing at an early age, often skipping high school classes to attend journalism and creative writing courses with her friend, at Boston University.

Self Raising four daughters, while establishing a career as an electrologist/esthetician, she owned a prestigious day spa for 32 years.

Brenda has written murder/mystery/comedy/dinner theater shows that ran for many years in the Greater Boston Area. She loves art, making people happy and the magic of exploring life. Positive thinking is at the core of Brenda's philosophy. She brings her readers to new adventures and experiences.

Sailing On A Lusty Breeze

RRP $16.99

Roger takes on a job as a deckhand on Bart and Janet's yacht. They are busy professionals who want to take a break from the business world and patch up their relationship. Crewing for a couple of lovebirds as they sail the Caribbean seems like an easy gig, but when problems develop between the couple, and Janet decides that Roger might save her vacation, it all gets tricky and erotic.

Italy Vacations

RRP $13.99

For the budget conscious traveler an Italian vacation may seem far out of reach. But many people are surprised to find that visiting this destination may be well within the cards. One of the most expensive aspects of a vacation is usually the airfare and hotel. So what are the options available for those who want to enjoy Italy and save at the same time? Well for starters you may want to go on your vacation to Italy during the off season. This will mean that you will find cheaper airfares. There are great prices to be found for airfare especially if you plan to fly directly from a major international airport such as New York or London. All airfare rates drop dramatically after the summer. Hotel rates per night will also be more affordable. After the summer many hotels are recovering from the large numbers of people that came through their doors. You will find out that during your cheap Italy vacation most places are happy for customers that provide them with business during the off peak season. Service could be even better simply because there are fewer people to serve and focus on. The lines are also shorter for almost everything. Peak season is the summer months of June through August. So why not plan to go in September if you can? You will still enjoy all the sights and the remnants of great summer weather. For example Rome in July can go up to 92 degrees but may be 80 degrees in September. The advantage of going on your Italian Vacation during the off-peak season is that the crowds are not there, the weather is slightly cooler and Italy becomes more of itself. You can really experience Italy and its people if you go in the off season and you will save some money too. Not only are hotels and airfares cheaper in the off season but you will also find discounts available for guided tours and concerts. Another way to save on your cheap Italian vacation is to take public transportation whenever possible rather than a taxi. Of course this needs some planning in advance or you could spend numerous hours lost and wasting valuable time. But with an adventurous spirit and an Italian pocket dictionary in hand it can be done! Italy is well known for its extensive rail network. You can get a rail pass or buy tickets as you go. Either way this option will help you save if you are on a budget. Another great tip for a cheap Italy vacation is to forgo the hotel altogether. Rent a house or an apartment for a few days if you are in a group and you will save tremendously. This is especially true if you also factor in the presence of a kitchen that can allow you to make some of your meals rather than rely on dining out for every meal. Even if you have to stay at a hotel you should also consider fixing some simple meals such as sandwiches when you can especially if you come across a grocery store during your cheap Italian vacation.


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